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December 3rd, 2010  
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Okay, so I'm a bit confused. Suppose one DOES get their RE-4 changed to an RE-3 for whatever reason. How easy is it to get a waiver? I received an ELS with an RE-4 and a JFU from the Navy. I am wondering about trying to get mine changed to RE-3J, which means "failed entry level drug test, not drug dependent." My argument for the BCNR is that my RE code should have been listed as RE-3J instead of RE-4 to begin with, according to MILPERSMAN 1910-134 section 9. But, if I did that, would it even make a difference? I have researched this online, and there is absolutely nothing out there. I have also spoken with a recruiter, who told me that it DOES NOT matter, and that I still would not get back in. But, according to the Navy, RE-3J is a waiverable code. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it!
You are negating recruitment and retention rates. Right now, we are still hovering around 105%. That means that waivers, while available, aren't going to be considered.

Just because something can be submitted does not mean that it will be considered.

So, yes, you can petition to have it changed. But no, you will not be considered for reenlistment even if it creates an eligibility to be.
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