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October 2nd, 2010  

USS Michigan had no history, other than the first to be built. Its abit like the Me-262 fighter. The 262 was not the first jet fighter, the first jet fighter to fly was the Heinkel 178, but the 262 gets the credit as the first as she was the first to see combat.

The CSA Virginia was the first to see combat and the first two destroy an enemy ship. On her very first sortie, in a single day she destroys Frigates USS Congress and USS Cumberland, forever changing naval Warfare. Therefore, CSS Virginia deserves the credit even though she wasnt the first ironclad to be built.

As for the battle-cruiser, you are right, but that signals a serious flaw in her design. How the Royal Navy could have thought that the BC class would never face ships in her weight-class boggles the mind. Historically she was almost never used in her intended role, all of the BC adversaries where either enemy BC or BBs and they did extremely poorly against them.

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