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July 28th, 2010  
If you are going for power, then mix up your exercises every two weeks or so, while constantly adjusting higher numbers of reps over time.

Weights is not necessarily the only way to do this, hard and out calisthenic exercises combined with running does wonders, also give you body what you need, (protein, water, fiber,water,sodium,water,vitamins,water,minerals,w ater,calcium,water) I think you get the idea...

Pick a routine that works for you, but mix it up, so your body doesn't get used to same routine and you reach what's called "plateauing" pretty much slowing your progress, do this and reach muscle confusion to force your body to adjust and grow stronger to your new routine.

And if you are mental like me, train to when your lower body is sound, try filling a backpack up with wet sand or gravel, and humping that in the midday humid Georgia sun lol

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