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February 8th, 2010  
I call it like I see it. I read your posts, and its smacks of being an apologist.

You've spent the entire thread trying to blame Democrats on everything that were clearly the responsibility of the previous administration or of the GOP (from blaming 9-11 on Clinton to blaming the healthcare + spending debacle on Obama) without once acknowledging anything of actually happened the past 8 years as if we were all asleep or something. Either you dont want to admit it or you don't actually know. Either way its rewriting history.

Let me give you a hint: Bush's popularity was at 29% when he left office, why was that low? Was because the public thought he did such a fantastic job? If you think Palin is so wonderful, why do 70% of Americans think Palin is unqualified? This isn't a trick question. You havnt even denied that either Bush was a bad president or Palin is a Bush Clone, I have heard Republicans on TV admit to both.

Do you really think that's what America wants? A return to one of the worst Presidents in US history? Let me tell you something, as bad as Obama's polls are, the GOPs is much worse. What does that tell you? It tell us that you are selling a lemon. You are better off making lemonade. You are the anti-obama/anti-establishment party, we get it. The trouble is you have nothing to offer but the same terrible ideas that haven't worked in 30 years.

"My center is giving way, my right is in retreat situation excellent. I shall attack." -Foch

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