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wow wow!! wait 1 minit! since where was kosovo the serbian symbol?! did sem to you a region habitated for at last 3000 years by etnic albanian a serbian simbol?! first of all lets clarify some thing here!

if the population of kosovo is of muslim religion it doesnt have anything to do with the otomans! they are etnik albanians who have chosen the muslim religion over the years as their religion !

if you are refering to the ortodoks churchs and monasterys in the kosovo to claim tha kosovo is your hurt than we albanians would claim a lot of serbia since there where a great number of moscues not only in all serbia but in all the balkans! the albanian population of kosovo before the otoman empire became to rule the balkans was in most part of it a ortodoks and a little katolik! so the churchs you are refering to in kosovo are albanians one! by the way i am an albanian ortodoks whos family has managet to live side by side with the other moslim albanians familys for over five centyres! yes! for over 5 centyres in the albanian teritories there was a coexsistenc of these religions by any incident ever recorded! and this is due to the nature of albanians who are very tolerant people! in our culture the hospitality is a holly thing!
to give you an example of that the serbs and albanians have lived together for centuries in the balkans! serbs villages have been even in now days albania! and peoples used to get married with each other!

i remember cases in 99 war of kosovo when all tha albanian where exiled out of kosovo serbians were with them,because they goted married to each other but the albanians was forced to live and so did the serbian members of their familys!

now to understand the mas muslimanisation of the kosovo you have to know the politik situations of those times! albanians had a hard time breaking from the otoman empire because no one used to suport them and wat was worst no one liked them so after a posible indipendence from otomans was pretyy sure that all the balkans country will try to claim their teritories! because of the minorities that lived side by side with us.

the albanian population of the balkans was all today greek,nearly 70% of today known makedonia,nearly 50% of today nown montenegro,a part of south bosnia and some part of south kroatia, kosova is an old etnik albanian area with always nearly 90% etnik albanians , the reagon of nish in south serbia in the 18 century was nearly 50% habitated from albanians! and till to the beograds we have reports from many sources that a significant minority of albanians used to live in beograd! we hade minorities even in sofje and bukuresht!

yes gentelmens! if you dont belive me take a look of the otoman sources who in the early stages take the count of the population in their controls but if you dont find the sources of the otoman empires reliable or beliveble that is your problem than! though there are so meny foreign sources that poınt to the same conclusions! but the problem here is that our governemnt dont promote these kind of studies! they are corupt peoples , and generaly in the service of greece now days!
i remember a french writer who used to complain about athens in the 18 century by saying: oh atens! mere albanian village!
ther is a document of the UN of the 1920 years which cuotes that in the greek navy albanian language is spoken!(hm! how does a ''greek'' speak albanian i am wondering just now of that [IMG]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/OEM/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/IMG])

at these moment some dude here reading these post will start to say: wait a minut! greece is albania! no way these guy has lost his had! these albanian are uncurable seek nationalist peoples!

well like an ortodoks man i now very well what i am speeking because you have to understand that the now days greek language is nothing that the bizantiums languange and the language of the ortodoks church! so every ortodoks albanian used to know these language! my granfather and grandmother when used to go in chuch they used to speak in the greek language, they learned these language from the preasts ! the albanian language was a prohibited thing by the church!!!
yes man albanian language one of the most oldest and the first brunch of the indoevropian languages was a prohibited thing by the ortodoks church so every good christian wouldnt argue about these thing with the church!
and since most of the population of the south balkans now days grece was orthodoks population wasnt a big deal creating these new identity of the ''greece'' and the albanian muslim population of other parts was treated as barbarian one by the ortodoks church! you have to understand that after the greek state was created and the other albanian teritories was under otoman rule was obvios that tha distinguishnes became to hapen betuen thes albanian teritories! even today we the ortodoks population of south albania are called greek people and grece has claims over south albania( vorio epir) and when i go to grece thay would call us ortodoks albanians greeks, they gives economic help to us because for the grek state we are grek minority in albania! but since we are pore people we dont complain about that just take the money and the grek passaport and travel europe

after the war betwen rusia and otoman empire 1878 the bulgarian state emerget and the serbs gained so many ground in front of the osmans that the otoman empire became to ceed in so many isues! the ortodoks church of serbia came under the control of the slave population so the first thing they did was the asimilation of the albanian population! the nearly at least 40% of albanians that lived in serbia most of which where ortodoks wasnt a big deal to asimilate , because the church would do the job with great suces! and the other part of the population which was muslim (serbians.albanians.turk muslims) was either asimilated with power or drawn away! but in kosovo we have a diferent senario! kosovo was and is mostly habitated by albanians from millenias! even the mighty roman legion when used to came in these regions deserted in mas when they faced the dardans(old albanian tribes living there) and as a matter of fact the roman empire didnt ever sucede in totally controling these regions.

the etnic albanians of kosovo with the help of nationalist movements became to change the religion after seeing the ortodoks church doing these things. and the muslim population became to grow from 40% to nearly 90% in the end of 19 century!

now we are speaking of the end of the 19 century and the otoman empire still controled now days albania,macedonia,montenegro,bosnia,.
but the and of the otoman empire was near and in the conference of london in 1899 if i am wrong but if you are really interested i will give you the sources: in these secret conferenc albanian population wasnt treatet as a ethnik group! but the orthodoks population in the south as greek and the population in the nord as serbians,and the muslim population as turks! so the conclusion of the evropian powers was that albania should be devided betwen greece and serbia,but austro hungaria and italia oposed these options as they did have very big interests in balkans! italy wanted a small country nearly the half size of now days albania to be ruled by the savoy royal family but the austro-hungerians didnt want any of these solutions!
they wanted the remaining albanian teritories as they was ,they wanted a new big state which would opose the other countries in balkans and since these state woudl have emerged thank to the austr-hungarians they beated that these new albanian state would play for their economic and politic interests!

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