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November 14th, 2009  
Don't get the idea I'm discounting laser enhanced sites, I'm not. And while some depts authorize them none around me do, nor did my previous agencies or agencies around them. They have their place and they have their uses but many administrators have issues with them on patrol officer weapons. Our MP5's are laser equipped our AR's EOTECH equipped but the bosses don't want lasers on patrol officers pistols because of the PR aspect of little red dots center mass on people Tactical ops is different. We actually tried the laser site that replaces the guide rod on the Glock about 4 years ago. We ordered one installed it in the Sheriffs Pistol and he shot about two mags with good shot groups. Third mag the pistol went full auto. Dropped the guide rod back in the pistol went back to semi. That was the death of laser sites in my dept for patrol officers.

As far as low light and site usage I'm a believer in point shooting using my front site only at ranges up to about 8 yards. After that you need to float the rea

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