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November 14th, 2009  
Here's a link to several Military manuals that mention P&S as I call it, and also the caution against using it with the 1911 because of its slide stop design fault.

I had to trick google into giving me the snipets from the manuals that I wanted, because you can't preview them. Something has changed for the worse as all of those manuals are in the public domain.

If you want the Army or Marine pistol manuals of a few years ago, you can download them for free from my site.

And if you want more about the fault in the design of the 1911 and my thoughts on that matter:

As to accuracy, most Police are taught sight shooting, but unfortuantely it is not used in CQB for a variety of environmental and physiological reasons. Here is a link to a study by the NYPD of thousands of Police combat cases for more info on that:

The actual CQ combat hit rate is less than 20% so saying that every shot must be aimed, sounds good, but it's not reality.

Check out what the FBI says about the concern about bullets traveling through a threat and continuing on:

Thanks again for your interest and comments.
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