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November 13th, 2009  
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So it seems to me, that knowing how to shoot a pistol "accurately" without the use of the sights at CQ distances, would be good if you plan to survive a CQB encounter.

And most of the methods are not a bar to the use of the sights if you can see them and there is time to use them.

Eh, but that doesn't take into account advancements in technology. We've come along way from the year 1911. Crimson Trace laser grips are an affordable and very effective means of indexing a target without focusing on the sights. Pistol mounted flashlights can have a similar effect if you are trying to hit center mass of the illuminated target rapidly. Since you mentioned that most police shootings happen at close range, it is also worth noting that most of them happen at night. Using today's modern technology can tip the scale in your favor. In daylight I would always use the sights unles I am close enough for physical contact, in which case the priority is protecting the gun and getting the muzzle onto the enemy, even if that means shooting from the hip into the gut of the enemy. That instance aside, I have never and will never encourage one of my soldiers to fire a shot that is not aimed, because as we all know you are responsible for where that bullet goes. Even in a justified shooting, if you fire a shot that hits a guy down the street, you are in huge trouble. If you fire a shot that misses the target then you've just wasted your time all together, and the extra fraction of a second you spend aiming may save your life.

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