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November 9th, 2009  
I would like to thank you, KJ and 03USM. Your answers are the words everyone should write in a military forum... I'm sorry to have read sarcastic remarks from others...

Thank you KJ, because you replied to me calling me "Alex Sir" and that's the best way to start a reply. And thank you for your words, actually words of experience.

And thank you 03USMC: you're not reading me wrong. You have perfectly understood what I meant. Also in Italy, snipers are from the best and experienced troops. Maybe you know about our Carabinieri, Incursori or Marņ. I thank you because you said the words I would like to say to that young guy, a sniper wannabe: "It's a long way to the top...".
Also, you are a US Marine: who can say better than you ", they understand respecting the enemy"?

Just to quote KJ Sir, stay safe and sound


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