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October 29th, 2009  
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What they did was take M16 or more accuratly vintage M16s, and cut them down to the length of the M4 or CAR-15, or in some cases the length of the shorty.
The IDF has both CAR-15 made in colt factories and what we call "Sawed" weapons, which are the result of this idiocy. If we were in europe or north america this might actually fly, but in the desert it is an absolute catastrophy. They jam very frequently. Its less of a problem now because infantry no longer has them at all, they now have either M4 or Tavor. The only combat units that carry them are armor and arty, which fire their rifles less frequently in combat. Still, I always thought that giving up the Galil SAR for the armor troops was silly. As a tanker you dont tap around much on foot, and the Galil has unmatched reliabilty in any conditions.
Indeed, I actually have some experience with the Galil from 2007 since we were partnered up with Estonians. They use it as their primary rifle, and I must say I was very impressed. I had not even heard of the Galil until I worked with them, and I was amazed at how it paired all the advantages of the AK with improved sights and an improved bolt locking design. My admiration for Israeli improvements grew dramatically once I handled the Galil.

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