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August 1st, 2008  
A Can of Man
So you're not 18 yet so let's look at your possibilities.

1) Do you have any family or VERY close family friends who are US citizens? You *may* be able to get a permanent residence and perhaps a citizenship if they adopt you. Look into this one because they may have new laws about it making it impossible.

2) Marry a US citizen. It has to be real because new laws have been put in place and they are very good at finding fake ones now. Previously if you said you were married, there wasn't a big fuss. People get married for all kinds of reasons right? Well now even if you're married for real you'll have a HARD time proving it. Right, so you're going to have to get a US citizen woman (or man if gay marriage is legal and recognized in Canada as well) and will have to date her/him for many years before finally marrying and you should have hundreds of pages of paperwork and evidence proving that you are indeed not fake... my brother's getting married (for real) with his girlfriend of 6 years and the government wants more proof. But this may not be as bad for you because you are a Canadian citizen. +1 on the easy part if you're white. Also try not to marry outside of your own race because cases where two Koreans (one non citizen and one US citizen) tried to marry there wasn't much of a fuss. If they are of different race or ethnicity, however, that raises a flag. Yep that's right. The government will tell you this is not a problem, but immigration lawyers will tell you it is a problem.

3) Go to college, get a job through whatever means you can. I am not sure about laws governing Canadians working in the US, but for the rest of the world, that means getting an H1B work visa. Getting a H1B visa works as follows:
a) You send your resume to a US company and they agree to hire you.
b) They sponsor you for an H1B through an immigration attorney.
c) When March rolls around, the attorney will file hundreds of pages worth of paperwork and submit it to the government.
d) The quota of H1Bs are picked out of a lottery. Your odds of being picked are less than 20%.
e) You have to wait until October rolls around before your H1B is effective.
f) You work at your company for 5 years. You may switch companies but I am not sure what effect that would have on your permanent residency bid.
g) You apply for a permanent residency.
h) If you get it (hope you didn't fight, speed, park in the wrong section of the road during those five years...) you can apply to join the US Navy.

When you get because you are not a citizen, your choice of MOS will be very limited. This is especially true in the Air Force and Navy where there is a lot of information sensitive MOS around. All the "cool" jobs will also be limited to citizens.
You can apparently apply for citizenship right after you have finished either boot camp or MOS school but the process time can take anywhere up to three years.

Kid, even in a good case scenario, unless you can pull off the whole getting adopted thing, you're going to try and be a SEAL at 30.

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