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May 14th, 2008  
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I agree with those above who found conscripts just as good as volunteers but not in relation to generation X, Y or whatever letter we're up to now.

What was true of "nashos" 30 plus years ago - or even in 1980's is definately not true of those born late 1980's plus. Their mentality, values, resilience, and (lack of) discipline equipts them less to be able to meet commitments and challenges that they do not voluntarily subscribe to. In the past, even if you were forced to do something you didn't want to, most just got on with it, coped fairly well, and lo and behold sometimes actually enjoyed that which they thought they never would - they just needed a push which the National Govt was happy to provide.

Today is different I would argue. If you have trained military recruits in the last five years, as I have, and have different observations I would like to know them.
Agreed, to an extent. I've just come back to commanding a rifle platoon after 2 training postings. I found often that it was the older recruits that were the better recruits, often this was due to them being retreads, but to a degree they would show up the younger diggers. Sure, issues like fitness plagued some of them, but then again, some of these young recruits were pretty unfit as well.
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