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September 7th, 2007  
Originally Posted by sandy
Situation>1964.CCCP decided to shoot all Nuke missile.
Target>all city&base of US,UK,France,Chine and all important base of US in foreign.
1) it does not make sense. If so, as people wrote above and USA had a considerable superiority in nuclear warheads, strategic bomber aviation and ICBM's, the launch of nuclear missile from CCCP would be a exotic way of suicide. It was USA, which threatened CCCP with its nukes - it seems, that CCCP could answer generally with invasion of armored forces in Western Europe. Because Western Europe did not want to see Soviet tanks in their streets, they tended USA not to think seriously on `guaranteed destruction` of CCCP.
2) Why should CCCP bomb China? CCCP and China were allies in that time.
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