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July 24th, 2005   #1
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3 Cheers and a Broadside info

I have been doing some reading in the book The Spirit of Seventy-Six. The book is a collection of letters and diary entries from those who fought on both sides of the American Revolution.

In reading the section on naval engagements, I noticed an interesting fact practiced by both sides. When an enemy ship attacked, the other ship would respond in 3 cheers from the crew and a broadside. After that, the battle would go until victory is rewarded.

I have no idea where 3 cheers and a broadside tradition came from. Any naval gurus feel like filling me in on this?

SGT Doody

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September 22nd, 2005   #2
After a little difficulty I found it.

I had heard it before but mistakenly thought originally it came from Heritio Nelson. When I went to double check it turns out I was totally wrong.

The phrase comes from an engagement from the USS Trumball (the 2nd ship) and an 32-Gun English Privateer WATT.

Apperently the WATT had challenged the USS TRUMBALL idenitity and when she failed to respond the capitan of the WATT have 3 cheers to the Cross of Saint George flag (England) and open fired.

You can read about the engagement where I found it...

September 23rd, 2005   #3
I've also read that it was 3 cheers for King and Country in the RN.

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March 1st, 2006   #4
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thanks for the heads up gents

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