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March 15th, 2007  
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SS Panzer units WW2
Some of them at least. The 3 original SS divisions, Leibstandarte SS 'Adolf Hitler', Das Reich and Totenkopf were excellent formations. The later SS divisions formed in 1944 and 1945 were not nearly of the same quality. The best German formation of WW2 however, if going by kill efficiency, is not a Waffen SS formation but a Heer formation. 13. Kompanie, Gro▀deutschland, had the highest kill ratio of any Tiger battallion of WW2, namely 16.67:1. This compares to the best SS formation kill ratio of 12.82:1. In reality though, the 3 aforementioned Waffen SS Divisions, along with Gro▀deutschland, had the best German successes at Kursk, and were probably the best fighting formations of any nation in WW2.

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