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February 25th, 2007  
One book lists the following as being outstanding in their field at their point in history (I cannot remember the source. I may also be missing one group in ancient history.

English Longbowmen
Sarotoga Sharpshooters
U boat crews of WW1 (not WW2)
SS Panzer units WW2

The U boats of WW1 were far nearer at bringing Britain to its knees than in WW2, if these were given priority earlier on they may well have been successful

A few of my own suggestions, which mainly refer to entire races, or a section of the military structure rather than a unit

Spartans (society and training)
Roman Infantry (command and discipline)
Mongolian horsemen (tactics, horsemenship combined with archery skills, simple logistics)
Royal Navy during Napoleonic wars (experience, seamanship)

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