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March 5th, 2004   #1

101st (Airborne) Air Assault info

I've always like WWII and liked the 101st... could be a possibility for me when I get a little bit older.

Does anyone know where I can get some good info on them.. or possibly share their opinions/thoughts/comments about them and/or experiences.


Geronimo !
March 5th, 2004   #2
You may have looked here, but it does give a bit of useful information.
March 5th, 2004   #3
Yes, I have & it does give some good information, but most of that is kind of standard, I wanna learn some details and about what you do.

Thank you though!!
March 5th, 2004   #4
What sort of details? It's an outstanding leg (non-airborne) infantry division, and if you don't plane on going abn, a very good unit to be with.
March 5th, 2004   #5
Anything interesting that you know of is good enough for me!
March 5th, 2004   #6
My uncle was a Captain in the 101st...Heres the official site from Fort Campbell's homepage: http://www.campbell.army.mil/division.htm

No Voice
March 5th, 2004   #7
WOW. Thanks a bunch guy on my right. Didn't know they had a seperate site for themselves.

Did your Uncle like it?

Plus, share your opinions of it, ex. do you think it is a good unit or not?
March 7th, 2004   #8
Yes, it's a good place to be .. if you're a leg. If you want to jump out of planes, then you'll hate it. But remember, they are doing the same job as the Abn units right now .. playing cop. They're infantry, they have good standards, higher than you'll find in most leg units .. but like every unit, div, etc .. they have their ups and downs. It's all what you make of it. If you want to blow things up and shoot people, try to get to 101st .. if you want to blow things up, shoot people, and jump out of a plane, try to get to an Abn unit.
March 7th, 2004   #9
Jumping out of a plane would be nice... but I could manage without

RnderSafe what is the difference in operations between the 101st and Rangers.

Because if I am going to join I think it would come down to those 2... and also what is your opinion about it?
March 7th, 2004   #10
The 101st is a conventional infantry unit. The 75th is under USASOC.

If you play your cards right in your contract, and slots are available, you'll be able to get 101st easily. If you opt for the Option 40 (Ranger contract -guarantees you Abn school, and a chance to pass RIP [Ranger Indoctrination Program]) you'll have a chance to serve in a Ranger batt, but, if you don't pass RIP, it's off to the 82nd (most likely). So, in this respect, one is almost a guarantee .. the other is simply a chance.

If you are assigned to 101st, you'll stay there .. even if you suck, you're there. In the Ranger Batt, just because you passed RIP, doesn't mean you'll stay. So, I think one of the biggest differences bewtween the units stems from the fact that it's not only harder to get into the 75th (with RIP as the weeding out), but to stay in the 75th, it's a day-to-day test. The 75th has the ability to DX any assclowns that find a way through the system once assigned.

Cooks, clerks, and supply guys do PT, Live Fires, jump, and go to Ranger school. The standard in training, equipment, discipline, PT, readiness, etc. is higher and tougher in the 75th.

Now, this is not to say the light infantry is easy. It is not. Ground pounding leg infantry in units like the 101st is no picnic. It's tough training, especially if you find yourself in a squared away company. The 101st is an outstanding division with very capable infantry units (as has been proven time and time again) but its missions and capabilities are very different than that of the 75th.

And I guess I don't need to mention that the 75th is abn.

I can honestly say, I contribute much of the success of my career in the military due to the 75th and what I experienced while serving in batt.

Because if I am going to join I think it would come down to those 2... and also what is your opinion about it?
If you're considering enlisting, there is no greater challenge the entire US military offers over all to a first time enlistee than to try and go Ranger. A hard charger, with a "will do" attitude has a good chance of making it, but it's not a guarantee.

Also, if youre looking to see a little action, you're chances are higher in the 75th. The OPTEMPO is much higher. But remember, with a war going on, everyone is going to get their piece of the pie, albeit in different ways.