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March 11th, 2005  

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Brief History
During the Ming Dynasty, mainland Chinese people started to colonize the island of Formosa(Taiwan). In the 1660s, the last reminants of the Ming Dynasty government settle in Taiwan until 1682, when the Qing Emperor Kangxi defeated them and intergrated Taiwan into its territory. As of 1682 until 1895, the island of Taiwan became part of China.

Inhabitants of Taiwan
Yes there are aboriginals in Taiwan, but their numbers are very small. Most of Taiwanese people are actually people who migrated to Taiwan during the Ming Dynasty. Before their Chinese ancestors came to Taiwan, the aboriginals didn't speak or write Chinese. Doesn't this prove that Taiwanese are actually Chinese? I accept the fact that 2 million Nationalists from the mainland came to Taiwan in 1949, but if they didn't come to Taiwan. The rest of the inhabitants would still be considered Chinese because their ancestors are from the Ming Dynasty.
I guess because they live in a democratic politic and capitalist sistem where they have all kinds of rights and the fact of changing to a comunist one might not be the best....

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