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Guide to Military Cold Weather Gear and
Military Winter Clothes and Equipment

Army Cold Weather Gear Navy Cold Weather Gear

Military Cold Weather Gear, Winter Clothes and Equipment Categories

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US Navy Peacoats and Parkas
A collection of high quality US Navy Peacoats.
You can also find a selection of snorkel parkas
and all weather parkas in here

GI Polypropylene
Balaclavas, Gloves, Shirts, Socks,
Neck gaiters, Sock liners and more polypropylene gear inside.

Cold Weather Headgear
Acrylic and Wool Caps, Face Masks,
Jeeps Caps and more inside

Thinsulate, Neoprene, Nomex, Wool gloves and more.
Hand warmers also available inside.

Cold Weather Socks
Polypropylene, US Army Cold Wather Socks,
Thermal Tube, Wool Socks and more

Sweaters and Wool Shirts
Wool Military Shorts (OD), German Commando Sweaters,
V-Neck Sweaters

Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard
Black and Grey

Flight Jackets
Aviator and Flight Jackets

Field Jackets
Woodland and City Camo, Black, Navy Blue or Olive Drab.
Field Jacket Liners and USCG Zip-Front Polartec® Jacket/Liner also available

Cold Weather Gear, Military Winter Clothes and Equipment

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