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Affordable Web Site Hosting is easy to find, but not all of them is
recommended to use.
You basically get what you pay for when it comes to affordable web hosting.
These may not be the cheapest Web Hosts around,
but they all have some very good and affordable Web Hosting Packages.
Many Web Hosts offers unlimited bandwidth, but in most cases nothing is free
(there is almost always a hidden catch...)
Some operates with unlimited bandwidth,
but in reality there is a limit based on an average bandwidth use.
The second you cross that limit you will have to pay more,
or you will loose your website.
Not all web hosts with unlimited bandwidth operates
with these kind of hidden catches.
But to be sure I would personally never use one of them on
websites that I think is important (I run several sites)
To have a unreliable Web Host can be a disaster to any Website.


All of these affordable Web Site Hosting packages has a monthly bandwidth limit,
but to give you a clue of how much you really need
 I can give you some numbers from
Disk space use: about 600mb, Monthly bandwidth use: around 30gb,
with around 10-13,000 visitors pr day.
So all of these Web Hosts offers more than enough for a small-medium website.
But most of them does also offer much larger web hosting packages.
(for a bit higher price)

I will present their cheapest web hosting packages here.
You can find a quick summary of their best web hosting packages below.
But most of them does also offer Pro and Business web hosting packages.
Visit them to get more information about their Web Hosting

More Web Hosts and affordable Web Site Hosting Packages may be added later.

Affordable Web Hosting Guide and Tips

Looking for Affordable Web Hosting???
I have found 4 different Affordable Web Hosting Providers,
and have compared their different Web Site Hosting packages for you.

A good and reliable Web Host is everything if you are going to succeeding with a website.
These 4 web hosts all guarantee 99.98% or better uptime, which is very important for any webmaster.
I have only tried two of the Web Hosts myself, so I can only guarantee for Lunarpages and Globat personally, but I have heard good words about all four of them.

Click on the Web Hosts names to visit them,
and learn more about their affordable web hosting packages!
You can find some more web hosting tips and hints further down this page.

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Features Lunarpages
(Basic Plan)

Lunarpages reviews. Lunarpages hosting review

Most Bandwidth
Terabyte PRO

Most Storage
affordable Web Hosting
(ProLogic package)

StartLogic - Affordable Webhosting
Price Pr. Month* $6.95 $6.95 $7.77 $5.95
Set-up Fee Free* Free* Free* Free*
Disk Space 250Gb 1000Gb 20Gb 50Gb
Monthly Data Transfer 2500gb 1000Gb 400Gb 750gb
Domain Names 1 (Free*) 10 (on 1 account!)
1 free when registering
1 (free) 1 (free)
Ad-On domains** 1 7 0 0
Parked domains Unlimited 0 0 0
Sub-Domains Unlimited  (available) Yes No
Uptime Average Guarantee 99.99% 99.9% 99,9% 99.9%
E-mail Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySql Databases Unlimited Unlimited 5 Yes
PHP, Python & Perl PHP, Python & Perl Perl and PHP PHP and Perl PHP and Perl
FTP Accounts Unlimited 1 10 1
Cgi-Bin Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSL-Secure Certificate No (available) No Shared Shared
SSI-Server Side Included Yes Yes Yes Yes
ASP, JSP and Servlets Available No No No
FrontPage Extensions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connection Speed 2,000mbit Unknown Unknown Unknown
Additional Information Cpanel, Fantastico**,
Web Stats Webalizer, Web Mail, SpamAssasin and much more.
$50 Yahoo! Search Marketing Credit
25% off Any Purchase at  TemplateMonster
Free Easy Site Builder with Templates
Free Blogging Software
Free Photo Album Software
Free Video Publishing Software
Cpanel, Free Scripts, Web mail, virus scanner, spam filter,  Easy Website Builder,
Free domain name,
8,800+ Templates
Free domain name, VDeck 2.0, Free Scripts, Web mail. OS, Agora and Pay-Pal Shopping Carts. Free promotion tools and web templates, and more
A quick summary of their largest web hosting packages Unlimited storage, 3000gb transfer, unlimited MySql, unlimited FTP, unlimited sub-domains
$21,95 pr month*
5000gb storage, 2000gb transfer, Unl. e-mails
SSL, E-commerce, Unl. subdomains, 100 domains on 1 account...

$18,95 pr month*
Only 1 web hosting package 60gb storage,
2000gb transfer,
100 domain names.
$49.95 pr month*
Dedicated servers also available

* If paid annually
** An add-on domain makes it possible for you to have an additional website (with email) on just one account.
*** The Fantastico Script Library is a collection of 38 commonly used scripts that can be auto installed in your control panel.
Blogs, Forums, Portals, Shopping Carts, Wiki, Polls, Project management and much more....

All of the Web Hosts offers free 24/7 E-mail and/or phone support.
It's also possible to buy more bandwidth each month if you need it.
Usually costs about $3 pr gigabyte.

More Web Hosts and affordable Web site Hosting Packages may be added later.

Affordable Web Site Hosting, Find Affordable Web hosting Online!

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