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ACU Unit patches, badges, flags and shoulder tabs

Find a selection of the new Army Combat Uniform badges, patches, tabs and related gear..

Special ACU patches and ACU badges Offer!

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ACU PatchesACU badges

ACU Patches with Velcro

NEW Foliage Green ACU Unit Patches for
the Army Combat Uniform.

Over 400 different ACU unit patches available:
1st Armor, 2nd/3rd/4th Infantry, 101st Airborne,
1st Cavalry, 3rd Army and many many more ACU patches..

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ACU Tabs, Ranger tab, Airborne tab, Mountain tab and Special Forces tab

SHOULDER TAB for Army ACU Uniform
with Velcro (R)

SHOULDER TAB with Velcro (R).
Foliage Green for the Army Combat Uniform.

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ACU Flag

Foliage Green Reverse
American Flag Patch with Velcro (R)

  • 1 13/16" High x 3" Wide
  • Foliage Green with Velcro (R)
  • Reverse Field

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ACU badges

Combat Infantry Badge

Black metal insignia in full size

Combat Action Badge

Black Metal Insignia in full size

More ACU badges available

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The Christian Chaplain Insignia are made from digitized fabric.
Patrol cap style and insignia w/ hook/velcro available

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4.5" by 4" and 2" by 4"

ACU COVER with VELCRO(R) - 4.5" by 4" and 2" by 4"
ACU Cover is used to cover up Velcro(R) on the sleeves of the Army Combat Uniform. The cover is made from digitized fabric and comes with hook fastener, Velcro (R) or equivalent

Click below for:
4.5" by 4" cover
2" by 4" cover

Army Combat Uniform Patches badges and ACU badges

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